• I'm Tsai.

    Japanese male.

    ASMR and Role-Play maker.

  • 「気味の悪さ」や「気持ち悪さ」を推したASMR EPです。
    This is Creepy ASMR EP.


  • Discography

    Wet, Pink EP
    Again and Again
    Dual Core EP
    Thousand Suns
    Summer Skits (CLEAN)
    Afterglow (R18)
    Physical Violet
    Sooner Or Later
    Sweetest Taboo E.P.
    Behind The Dream E.P.
    Ten Little Boys
    Boys Spoke To You In A Whisper
    Rain & Rainpool E.P.
    Prelude (Voice & Gymnopédies)
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    illust by 綾

    illust by -N◎N-

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